HA451 – August 4, 2016 – somewhere over the Pacific.

It had been a shocking flight. There was a kid screaming just ahead of us the whole time, the flight crew made us keep the blinds down so people could sleep (on a day flight no less) and I’d watched all the stuff worth viewing on the flight over. But I was happy.

I’d just spent a week in Hawaii. I had $40USD in small notes in my pocket (as well as about two dollars of random pennies, nickels and dimes), I had successfully driven a car around the Big Island and I had made many friends at the non-tourist bars and restaurants I had intentionally frequented.

And, it was then, at that moment, I decided that making the move to the US permanently was something that I wanted… badly.

I had long dreamed of moving to the US and building a life there. In fact Nicole and I had applied in the early days of the DV Lottery, and we’d been successful. But we weren’t married and were still at university, so we didn’t take up the offer.

But now, hurtling towards middle-age, the flame had reignited. I had the money, the job experience and the passion. Nothing was going to stop me now.


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