The application

So, the decision had been made. Arriving home, I marked October 5, 2016 in my calendar on my phone. And waited, and waited… and waited. I settled back into work and soon forgot about the big date. But then, at 4pm on October 5, the calendar reminder on my phone went off.


And then it all come flooding back.

I hurried home and convinced my wife that there was no time to waste… I HAD TO APPLY today. Of course, the DV Lottery entry was open for a month – BUT IT NEEDED TO BE DONE RIGHT THIS VERY SECOND.

And here was where I made the first mistake and one that I’m still not sure of what the consequences will be. I took my own photos – using my iPhone.

Yes, I had read up about needing to have a white background and the physical dimensions of the photo. But it never occurred to me that a professional photographer would have done a better job.

And the photo looked fine, but as I zoomed in to make it fit, I began to worry – the quality of the photo dropped very quickly. But I had no time to waste, so I clicked send and crossed my fingers.

Now I don’t know if this is a big mistake or not, only time will tell. But the focus on old photos being used in the 2018 lottery has played on my mind on the months since.

A few months ago I read somewhere that if I was selected it would mean I would be okay, but since then there’s been plenty of warning that it could cause disqualification at the interview. I hope not, but I’m nervously awaiting the outcome.

So my first tip is – get a professional photographer to take your photo. It may cost a few dollars, but you’ll have peace of mind that it will be okay should you be called up.

And besides, you need to get used to spending LOTS of cash should you be selected, so may as well get used to it now!


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