Up to date

Well here we are. Everything you have read until this point has been written with the benefit of hindsight.

I left out all the embarrassing bits and made myself look a lot more competent than I have been. There’s been some major mistakes, and I’ve tried to include them here, but I’m hoping they don’t affect the final result.

There’s also been all the other things to consider when you’re planning a move across the other side of the world – the conversation with your parents, what about the dogs (two pugs, but I’ll get to that), where will we live, what will we do for work, can we afford this, what if it doesn’t work out? And these conversations have been happening for months.

But I’ve decided to make these into articles from here on in. None of these things have been full determined, so they can be discussed in the current tense.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little bit of an introduction and I hope you’ll keep up with the journey. And please, leave a message or question below… I’d love to hear your thoughts and I’d be more than happy to offer advice or support wherever I can.


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