The one key skill you’ll need for your DV Lottery application

For me, the biggest learning experience from the whole DV Lottery process has been the need to develop one key skill – patience.

From submitting your eDV application, through the DS-260 form and the months of waiting afterwards – there will a long time where it seems NOTHING is happening.

For some, the process can take up to two years from the day they click submit on their eDV application until they have the Visa in their hands. It sounds crazy, but the maths are there:

  • October 2016 – application lodged
  • May 2017 – selectees announced
  • October 2017 – September 2018 – interviews conducted.

Add to that the six months allowed to activate the Visa and then the option of returning home to finalise your estate, and for some, permanent settlement in the US could stretch well into the three years from the date they click the submit button on the eDV.

We’re lucky as we scored such a low case number – and should our DS-260 be completed – we will have an interview in October. But given we are planning to activate our Visa then return home to try and secure work and build our savings before making the final move it’s still going to be a LONG process.

I’m in one of those “holding patterns at the moment. Since submitting the DS-260 two and a bit months ago, there has been nothing to do.

So I write my blog posts, lurk in the comment sections of and and wait impatiently.


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