Some musings on August

So today’s the first of August. In some ways it’s come along very quick. In others, it’s taken forever.

August is a big month for DV2018 selectees. August is the date the clock starts ticking.

Sometime between August 8 and August 15 the KCC will issue the September Visa Bulletin – which outlines what case numbers will receive their 2NLs in the following weeks – the next step in the DV Lottery journey.

The 2NL for the uninitiated is the second letter DV Lottery selectees will receive about their application.

The first, the 1NL, was the letter informing you that you have been randomly selected. The 2NL tells you that your DS-260 has been processed by the KCC, it’s been sent to your local consulate and they’ve booked an appointment in for you.

The 2NL can come at any point from August until the following July. The order DV selectees are notified is based on their case number. A low case number will see you receive a 2NL from August to December, a later one might result in a July, August or even September interview… or never become current.

Luckily for us we have a very low number, so the nerves are especially high as we are expecting an October interview, which means we will receive our 2NL this month. But that’s assuming everything was okay with our DS-260.

You see, if the DS-260 is not completed, checked and approved in time your case won’t go current. I submitted our DS-260s in early May, so I would normally assume they would be good to go, but (as I wrote here) I reopened my DS-260 in late-July to report a trip to the US, to update our parents places of birth and update Nicole’s passport number.

We’re yet to see if that has affected our date of interview. I’ve read that it may or may not (depending if processing had commenced). I guess only time will tell.

Bu either way, the next few weeks are going to be nerve racking. When the 2NL comes, that’s the point where we decide if this is something we want to do, because from that moment on the bills – for police checks, medical, vaccinations and visa applications begin.

I’ll let you know.


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