September Visa Bulletin – time to start preparing

After of months of waiting, here we are.

Yesterday, the Department of State released the September 2017 Visa Bulletin, which announces which DV Lottery case numbers will be offered interviews in October.

This is the first release of numbers for DV2018, and it has been met with raised eyebrows – they are very low compared to previous years.

Simon, from, pontificated on the reason for the low numbers in this article. He guessed the low numbers are probably due to the KCC changing how they process DS-260.

Again, he was right. Why do people question the experts so much?

Anyway, thanks to a very low case number, it means that at some point next week we hopefully will be receiving our interview dates. And then the real work begins.

Over the next few weeks we will be scheduling our medicals, getting our vaccinations (we guess it will be cheaper to get an antibody test and boosters before the actual medical) and organising our Australian Federal Police checks.

All these are required for the interview itself, which will be on a Tuesday in October in Martin Place (if the previous years are anything to go by).

Luckily for us, all the other documents – birth certificates, proof of education, marriage certificates, etc. – are already in a plastic folder in my lounge room waiting for the big day (forewarned is forearmed).

So, after months of nerves, we can finally begin the next step of the journey. How people with high-case numbers handle the waiting is beyond me.

But we’re ready and excited for the big day. I can hardly wait.


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