Shots and cops – vaccinations and police checks

As I sit here, I’m feeling a bit like a pin cushion. I’ve started the vaccination process,  I’ve had blood drawn and the first of my needles today. I go back to the GP on Friday to see if I have any immunity and, if not, how many more I need.

The reason I’m getting the shots done now is I read somewhere (I can’t remember where) that the doctors in Sydney charge like wounded bulls for shots, blood tests, etc – over and above the $495 (each) that the medical is going to cost us.

So rather than handing over wads of cash to the US approved doctor (so they can, I imagine, afford another weekend in the French Riviera) I decided to have them done beforehand and present my certificates at the medical – which is booked in for September 28.

So, that’s a quick update – and in other news I’ve ordered our national police check. Looking at the online forums there seems to be some confusion for Australian applicants about what they need. So let me spell it out here – you ONLY need an AFP check, you need to ask for check number 33 and it costs $42.00. You can apply for one here:

So, that’s where I’m up to…. I’m thinking of doing a piece on the importance of getting a credit score and how you cabn do that early. Hopefully I can get that up in the next day or two.

If you have any ideas for posts, please comment below and I’ll do my best to give you my opinion.


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