Time to get the little bugger stamped… and the Green Cards ordered

With the visa now secured, my thoughts turn to the activation trip. As I mentioned previously (and spoken about in this Britsimion article), we’re activating our LPR visas before returning home to finalise our affairs, seek work and work out a home to live in.

We were planning on making the trip around January/February 2018, but due to work commitments, we’ve had to push it back a few weeks. But that’s okay, because we only have to activate before March 28 (six months on from the date of our medical).

So, we’ve now booked (most of) our activation trip. We arrive in Honolulu on March 3, where we’ll activate and become lawful permanent residents of the United States.

palm tree

From there we’ll spend the next three-and-a-bit weeks travelling all over the US, seeing the sites, living like locals and meeting with recruiters to see if we can tee up a job. We’ll also be trying and get a start on our credit score (as mentioned here), get a postal address and generally start to prepare to become US citizens.

One of the big challenges is that we don’t have family in the US, so much of what we have to do in preparation for the move we are doing in absentee – with only a post box, a US skype number and a Gmail account.

But we’re hoping that given to modern world, and the reliance on the internet, living half a world away won’t be as difficult as it was just ten years ago.

But back to the activation trip. After arriving in Honolulu on March 3, we’ll spend the night in Waikiki before flying to LAX the next day. From there its visits to Atlanta, Nashville, Chicago, Milwaukee and Seattle to shop myself around.

Part of the trip will be aboard Amtrak’s Empire Builder, a 44-hour marathon from Milwaukee to Seattle passing through six states and across the continent. Needless to say I wasn’t schlepping it in the cheap seats for that one!

empire builder

So I guess from here livingstarsandstripes.com stops being a guide to the Green Card application process and starts to become my story of moving and living in the US (which of course was the original intention of the blog).

Sure, I’ll still check into the Green Card process (as long as it’s around) but for now, my journey is about to begin. It’s no longer a distant dream – it’s finally happening – and I couldn’t be more excited.


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